We’re Beself Brands, the group of home and lifestyle specialist brands that helps you discover and experience what’s best inside you, the best part of you. We design and create products that make it easy for you to start and spark what moves you and makes you be the best version of yourself, developing your interests and passions inside and outside the home.

We do this so that whatever it is that moves you and makes you feel good, you can truly experience it. Because being the best version of yourself is already inside you.

At Beself Brands, we want to help you start and develop your passions, whether they are inside or outside your home. Our specialist brands work with you to offer you as much help as possible. 

Get your best garden with Greencut, our brand specialising in machinery for gardens, workshops, and DIY, to give the handyman or woman inside you free rein.

Advance your best health with FITFIU, our specialist brand that develops products to help you get started in the world of sports, at home and away from it.

Inspire their best game-playing side with Beeloom, our brand specialising in educational toys and children’s furniture that encourage children’s learning.

Energise your best home with McHaus, our specialist decoration and furniture brand to develop your most creative side everywhere at your house. 

If you want to contact us for customer service reasons, whether it be questions about the price, product, returns, or incidents, contact our specialist brands’ customer service directly.

If you have corporate questions, such as the status of a recruiting process, creating partnerships with us, charity events, or for advertising reasons, then you should contact the Beself Brands team.

You can contact us through info@beselfbrands.com or on any of our social media.

For more information, visit our contact page.

More than a group, we’re a family. All of us who make up Beself Brands push forward what we do driven by the same goal and shared values. Growing together both personally and professionally.

Passion is part of our culture. Everything we do comes from the drive to be better. Our passion leads us to tackle new challenges. We’re looking for people who want to be the best version of themselves.

We believe in the importance of balancing work and family life. We make it easy for you to develop and pursue your interests. We offer you benefits to meet your personal, family, and professional needs. That includes a flexible schedule with the option of working from home. 

We want you to enjoy and challenge yourself, to build your career. We’re committed to a democratic organisation. One in which each person has the freedom to manage their day to day to meet their goals and develop and promote new skills. 

If you feel that you also have these values and want to share your talent with the #beselfbrandsteam team, we encourage you to visit our Careers page. 

There you will find all the current job vacancies. If you do not fit any of the listings you see, you can connect with us to be the first to find out about new openings. 

At Beself Brands we like to think outside of national borders. That’s why our specialist brands in life and home are marketed online throughout Europe. 

We do it over different marketplaces (Amazon, Privalia, MediaMarkt, PcComponentes etc.) and over our own websites: 

FITFIU Fitness

You can also find us exclusively at several different brick and mortar locations. Check out and follow our social media so you don’t miss anything. 

If you need help with any of our brand products, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department.  

To offer you specific and personalised help, each of our specialist brands has its own customer service team. You can find the telephone numbers and contact emails for each of them below: 


De lunes a viernes de 10 h a 13 h
WhatsApp – +34 601 98 03 55
Teléfono – 977 77 29 59


De lunes a viernes de 10 h a 13 h
Teléfono – 977 83 83 69


De lunes a viernes de 10 h a 13 h
WhatsApp – +34 601 90 56 08
Teléfono – 977 36 00 73


De lunes a viernes de 10 h a 13 h
WhatsApp – +34 601 90 93 86
Teléfono – 977 89 50 50

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